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Our company sells a variety of power-related products. We want more than anything to keep you satisfied, which is why we carry only the very best batteries, power boards, and power supplies. If you purchase a battery product from Powr Guardian Inc, you know that you're getting only the very best. Ask about our battery services as well.


Our warehouse carries a complete inventory of batteries. Our selection of batteries and battery accessories is extensive. Our selection is the best anywhere, and we only carry the absolute best, most trusted brands and products. Some of the brands we carry include:

C&D ™ | Exide ™ | Douglas ™ | Northstar ™ | Yuasa ™ | GNB ™ | Powerson ™

These brands are respected for their quality and reliability and come from the oldest and largest manufacturers in the world. Available products and accessories include:

20-Year Lead Acid Wet Cells/NiCad (Nickel-Cadmium Batteries) | 20-Year Sealed Valve Regulated from 120 A.H to 8000 A.H. | Small Sealed Valve Regulated From 0.8 A.H to 200 A.H. | Automated Monitoring, Cabinets, Racks, & Spill Containment | Applications Include Telecommunications, UPS Utility, & Emergency

DC Power Boards

Completer Power Boards and Distribution | BDFD (Battery Distribution Fuse Bay) | Rectifiers | DC-DC Converters, Inverters, Load Distribution

UPS—Powerware™ | Liebert MGE™ | Chargers from Exide, ™Hitran, ™ and Benning ™

UPS from Single Phase (1,000 VA–20 kVA) to Three Phase (15 kVA–750 kVA) | Battery Replacements (Sealed and Conventional Wet Cells) | Chargers (10 amp to 2,000 amp)

Here is a partial list of the products and services we offer. Please contact us today if you do not see the item you need.

Solar Panels | Battery Racks | Rack Cabinets | Specialty Items | Exide Batteries | UPS Systems | Monitoring | Maintenance/Testing

We also offer wireless monitoring services for sealed batteries and flooded type batteries. For more product information, contact us at info@powrguardian.com