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Get Your Power Systems Ready for Business

Power systems are often complex and hard to keep track of. Our Desoto, Texas-based company makes things easy on you by providing a variety of helpful services and service plans. Don't just sit back and hope that everything goes fine; get proactive about your power situation. Some of our helpful services include:

Turnkey Installation, Testing, and Maintenance | Battery and DC Power System Installation | EPA-Approved-and-Documented Battery Removal and Disposal | Capacity Load Testing per IEEE 450 | Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Are You Prepared?

In the event of a power failure, will your backup system support your equipment? Your power supply supports the nerve center of your business. It is imperative that your backup system protects you in the event of a utility power failure. In order to be sure that your system will do just that, it makes sense that your UPS system receives regular planned maintenance. It is just as important that you have the right personnel addressing the different interdependent parts of your UPS system. We have two kinds of specialists available for this very reason.

The Customer Engineer (CE) is responsible for all the needs of the UPS box itself. The CE makes sure that the UPS unit is filtering (taking out the glitches, spikes, and other undesirable characteristics of raw power), and producing the clean power that your data center or telecommunications system needs. 

The Battery Specialist (BS) is responsible for the needs of the UPS battery. The BS makes sure that your battery backup system provides the uninterrupted power needed for a specific amount of time, in the event of an extended power outage. 

The Proactive Approach

Powr Guardian Inc. stands ready to promote excellent, reliable battery service for you. Our experience and expertise in the industry makes us second to none in quality of workmanship. We provide free consultations (up to a $2,000 value) and free on-site evaluations (up to a $2,500 value). 

Our focus is on integrating technology and service in order to enhance your backup system maintenance program. We have a wide array of maintenance packages to meet your needs. All battery maintenance programs have the flexibility to conform to any specifications that our customers may have.

The Technology Aspect

A monitoring system examines the interdependent pieces of the backup system in order to identify weak or failing components before they compromise the normal system operation and cause expensive downtime. Our personnel provide on-site service, eliminating problems before they occur. 

Technology is only as good as the equipment it's built on. That's why we are partnered with Xsilogy™, a respected industry leader. We welcome the opportunity to meet with a representative of your company to inspect your battery and put together a battery maintenance quote for you. All of our battery systems are properly disposed of per EPA guidelines.